So I recently ported one of my Windows 8.1 Universal apps to the Universal Windows Platform to take advantage of the new platform. Overall the process was very easy but I ran into one annoying problem. The LiveSDK wasn't updated to work with UWP so you have to kind of hack it together to get it working.

Initially I hacked it together as well, but ultimately decided I wanted to remove my dependency on the LiveSDK since they've stated on their GitHub page they will not be upgrading any longer or creating a Nuget Package for UWP. So, I did some research to figure out the new way of doing single sign on with UWP. I came across the OnlineIdAuthenticator class which will allow us to get a token to authenticate with Azure Mobile Services (to setup Azure Mobile Servies and Single Sign On check out this article). The documenation hasn't been updated yet to include any information on UWP and how to authenticate without the use of the LiveSDK. Here is the code I ultimately used to get it working:

Hopefully this will save you some time as this took a while to finally get working as expected.